Trumpet Studies

Studying the trumpet is more than developing a command of technique and expressive playing.

If we want to improve our technique, we have to sensitize ourselves to our body and our movements. Only when we achieve awareness of our breathing, embouchure, finger movement etc., can we learn to play more accurately and develop our virtuousity.

Also, if we want to communicate the essence of the pieces we play, we have to increase our knowledge of the specific background of each piece. That involves understanding form, harmony and all the other elements that make up what we call style. Many musicians have an intuitive understanding of many of these elements. But that only goes a short distance towards differentiated expression. The danger is that we play all pieces the same way (we play ourselves, not the pieces!) or even fall into clichées.

My teaching emphasizes learning how to understand and communicate all the aspects which contribute to the expression of a musical work.

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