Johann Melchior Molter: Sinfonia Concertante Nr. 2, MWV VII 2

00:00 allegro

03:37 largo

05:52 marche

06:57 alla breve

09:13 vivace ò tempo di menuet

This has to be the smallest wind band in history! Moter's two Sinfonia Concertante were probably written for open air performances. I consider the trumpet here not to be a solo part with ensemble accompaniment. Instead I see a lively exchange between six equal partners with different colors and strengths. Sometimes the oboes and the horns are treated as duos, but there are also a lot of other combinations like trumpet/oboe, trumpet/horn and, of course, also many solos and trios.

I find it also interesting to observe how the bassoon is gradually sheding its role as a countinuo instrument, moving higher and taking on melodic functions of other wind instruments. We hear the bassoon in its typical older role in the beginning but soon, for instance in the first movement at 00:44, it alternates melodically with the trumpet. It also plays a very independant role in the counterpoint of the fourth movement.

Oboe: Antje Thierbach, Annelie Matthes

Horn: Guillermo Izquierdo, Aki Yamauchi

Bassoon: Elisabeth Kaufhold