Welcome to the website of Bill Forman – trumpet soloist, pedagogue, orchestra trumpeter, natural trumpet player, specialist for contemporary music and consultant for brass players and composers. Forman's carreer combines many decades of pedagogy with extensive activity as a soloist and orchestral player, performer on the natural trumpet and at the forefront of contemporary music.


The Corona crises which has more or less passed, changed a lot in the realms of music and of music pedagogy. Many musicians have seen for the first time how they have to have a broad basis for their music making and we’ve all discovered new techniques for teaching, outreach and communication. It’s hard to imagine, that as recently as 2020 online teaching was a marginal phenomenon and few teachers saw it as a sensible suplement to their daily work.

Nowadays the visit to the concert hall or the opera is only part of our musical experiences. In the last years we supplemented these with live-streams, internet forums on music and the broad use of social media, just to name a few. I think, these devlopments, although sometimes daunting, can provide a lot of inspiration for our creativity in all areas of music making.

This summer I’ll be leading the Brass Studio at the reknowned Darmstädter Ferientage für Neue Musik, historically the leading forum world-wide for avant-garde. We have substantially revamped the program so that there will be many more teachers and participants. In addition to individual lessons participants will be able to exchange repertoire, technical ideas and above all work intensively with composers from all over the world.

Entrance exams for studies at the Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler starting in the fall 2023 will again be done by video and live. Registration is only possible directly through the school (you can use this link), and must arrive by April 8th at the latest. (Don't miss this deadline. It is binding!) If you wish to consult with Prof. Forman about beginning studies, please use this form here. Please note that I will finish teaching at the Hochschule in 2024. Students who begin there studies with me will continue with someone else. This of course limits what we can do together but also give you the opportunity to work with another superb pedagogue. The students will also have a voice in the choosing of my successor.


"...a world-class brass player..." Tagesspiegel (Berlin) 19.9.07

"...an outstanding phenomenon not only in his technical perfection and stilyistic range. ... His sound, varying between baroque trumpet, musical theater and Miles Davis, is intriguinly multi-faceted and can be brilliant as well as profound ." Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung

"...ein Vollblutblasphoniker..." Neues Deutschland 26.4.10